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About Me

I am Jennifer Donley Burrell, a fiber artist. I craft unique, hand-painted art rocks.

Jennifer Donley Burrell an artist crafting unique hand-painted rocks.

Jennifer Donley Burrell

I am a fiber artist who loves to explore different materials and techniques. I have a Master’s Degree in Fiber Arts from the Savannah College of Art and Design, where I learned how to manipulate various mediums with different techniques.

I started my business in 1995 as Makin’ Faces, making polymer clay sculptures and glass ornaments. Later, I changed the name to Creations by JDB and added upcycled plush animals to my collection. I also enjoy drawing, painting, and journaling to express myself. In 2018, I closed my business for a while, but this year I reopened it with a new product – unique hand-painted rocks. These are unique pieces of art made with stones that I paint and embellish with various painting techniques.

I live in Orlando, Florida, where I work from my home studio. Nature, colors, textures, and patterns inspire me. I hope my whimsical Art brings smiles to whoever sees it.

My Process

I create unique art pieces with real and concrete stones that I make myself. I paint with brushes and dotting tools with acrylics in different designs and colors. To protect them, I seal my stones with acrylic varnish. Each stone has my initials and the year on the back. They come with a velvet bag to keep them safe during shipping, ready to gift and store. My customers love my dot art animals and mandalas the most.